The previous two years have been nothing but a gigantic surprise for the entire world that has vaguely affected the market economy around the world. The year 2020 made numerous industries witness a drastic shift in consumer behaviour and prompted enterprises and large organizations towards digitalization. People now rely on eCommerce platforms and on-demand service portals to navigate through their day-to-day lives.

From what the numbers show in recent market insights, it is safe to say that eCommerce is the future of retail and other prominent domains in India and overseas. Fortunately, there is a plethora of technologies, frameworks, and tools that marketers can leverage to develop amazing online stores and cater to a wide range of consumers. With that being said, a few eCommerce trends are also going to dominate the eCommerce sector rendering big changes for luxury retail brands.

Let’s find out some of the top eCommerce 2021-2022 trends that will transform the game for luxury retail businesses:

Quick Checkout

More than 70% of shoppers around the world use their smartphones to make purchases online. It is evident that your audience is seeking a convenient experience on the internet, and a quick checkout is one way to consider. Since buyers prefer to pay for their orders using UPIs, brands are effectively adapting to new means of shopping experience and fast checkout is a crucial part of it. Besides, no one carries cash or card all the time, and this sort of arrangement can help luxury retail businesses compete with market giants hassle-free.

Payment Method Selection

Payment installation is the most integral component of eCommerce store building as it sets the tone for user-friendliness on an online shopping portal. However, the latest eCommerce 2021-2022 trends require online stores to consider services like Klarna to install payment methods on the portal.

A methodically built online payment system can enable your remote shoppers to buy products from wherever they are and whenever they want. Popular luxury brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel are not accessible to several demographics, but a smart online payment mode will allow them to shop for luxury fashion products they could only dream of a while ago.

Cryptocurrency Products

Bitcoin & Ethereum have been in the payment zone for quite some time now, and PayPal has even decided to sign on several cryptocurrencies to withstand the technological demands luxury eCommerce buyers look forward to. As per the recent eCommerce trends for luxury brands 2021-2022, more and more brands will be introducing crypto payments very soon. The eCommerce industry is currently running on the level of innovations. Even though it will be an extensive leap, but this will alleviate the online experience for consumers who appreciate high-end quality in products.

AR Technology for Enhanced Browsing

Improvising virtual experience simply means making the entire shopping process as realistic as possible. The best part is that you don’t need to make your buyers come right to your store. Luxury retail brands can look up to the augmented reality to increase the authenticity of user experience and deliver an in-store feel while being afar.

This eCommerce trend will let the well-known luxury retail businesses attract more buyers online who are often hesitant to shop online for expensive products. With a customized AR feature in the online store, shoppers can try on clothes, makeup, and different products to make a faster and more rigid purchase decision. In fact, the latest Shopify Plus features support a 3D product view option with which buyers can see the product properly before buying it.

Live Shopping

Social media and the internet are like a wonderland where innovation leads the way for growing businesses. We have all heard about live streaming, but eCommerce trends 2021-2022 will introduce the concept of live shopping or shoppable live streaming for online shopping frenzies. In fact, it has already started in China carving its route towards the western market.

Shoppable live streaming follows a two-way communication cycle between the store and the buyer. It also sustains the credibility and authenticity of shopping as the live option doesn’t invite any filters or polishes. Whatever you are about to receive at your door is right in front of your eyes. However, this form of development will consume its fair share of time in running quality tests.

Social eCommerce

The upcoming eCommerce trends 2021-2021 will open the passage of a divine integration of SEO and social media marketing. Search engine optimization of a luxury eCommerce brand is a task itself. Besides, shopping brands make huge efforts to build an impact on different social media channels amongst the target audience. The social eCommerce concept will set a definitive place for your online store on Instagram, Facebook, and other relevant channels, so you can witness those rising sales numbers all by yourself.


These eCommerce marketing trends will secure a rambling space for a luxury retail business that thrives solely on customers’ behaviour. At NOIR & BLANCO, we do the same for aspiring brands but with a far more precise and pragmatic approach.