If you’re seeking a straightforward way to dive into e-commerce, starting a single-product store could be your optimal choice. To assist you in getting started, we’ve compiled examples from 3 successful single-product Shopify stores. Whether you’re initiating a new store or refining an existing one, continue reading for valuable insights and inspiration.

Dalmatian – pimple patches with cute designs

Dalmatian stands out as a vibrant and fun-loving single-product Shopify brand,  offering adorable pimple patches crafted to conceal and reduce breakouts. The website’s design and language flawlessly capture its lively character.

sigle product page shopify website

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Erah – one-of-a-kind sports bras

Erah, an activewear brand originating from Amsterdam, presents unique sports bras engineered to provide optimal comfort and support. Initially launched as a crowdfunded venture in 2021, Erah now champions women’s empowerment, ensuring confidence irrespective of clothing size.


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Bottlecup – zero-waste water bottle with a cup

Bottlecup is a versatile 2-in-1 water bottle and coffee cup. Rooted in the ethos of zero-waste living, this brand holds a distinct purpose: to simplify the process of carrying fewer items and reusing more. Bottlecup is offered in six vibrant colors and is accessible for shipping worldwide.


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