The fashion industry is the most dynamic, as well as one of the most successful industries out there. Several innovative brands have successfully grown and profited in a short period of time.

Today, especially post the lockdown, E-commerce has become a major aspect of our lives. Rather than spending hours at a mall, it has become a trend to shop online, not only for the purpose of time management but even hygiene, safety, and convenience.

In such a time, it is necessary that you make use of the right resources to grow your brand.

Personalising your E-commerce website is essential for a successful brand. Customers tend to buy and invest more into a label if they feel comfortable and at ease while shopping online. Since they cannot physically try the outfit, they need the reassurance of quality, size, as well as service.

It can be extremely necessary for a business to help shoppers overcome “analysis paralysis”, a phenomenon where too many options leave one unable to make any decision. Accenture found a worrying example of this in their research – “nearly 40% of consumers have left a website because they were overwhelmed by too many options”.

Here are few of the tips for any fashion brand to succeed online:

  1. Customers Are Key

The major benefit of personalising your e-commerce website is gaining access to your customer’s interests and desires, thus helping you provide the best possible service. Creating a platform for them to share their opinions, requests, and feedback is essential in order to connect with your clients. This helps you improve as a brand, and also acknowledge your customer’s requirements.

  1. Cookies.

Website cookies help you track a customer’s past behaviour, providing you insight to their likes and dislikes. Through this, you can tailor make their feed in order to show them only what they would like. This prevents them from being flooded with a plethora of options that would do nothing but confuse them. This piques the interest of the client as well as prompts them to buy more.

  1. Technology

Providing a personalised guide or a chat box that helps them through the process is a great way to gain and retain loyal customers. Several fashion brands also have a chatting forum on their platform where users can interact while shopping, thus providing a holistic and joyful experience. Technology has improved severely in the past few years, and it is essential to make correct use of it. Several platforms also showcase videos or images of their clients wearing the outfits they purchased so that people can understand what the outfit or item looks like in real time.

  1. Emails and Notifications

Providing your customers with appropriate emails and notifications based on their preferences is a key to make them come back to your website. It makes them believe that the brand has been specially curated for their choices. However too many notifications can become a bother for several people, hence these notifications and emails must only be necessary and designed to attract the customers. Notifications offering discounts, special offers, trends are the most impressive and important.

  1. Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing people see when they visit your page. It’s necessary to customise it in order to feature your best sellers, showing your frequent customers their past history, reminding them of the items they previously bought/liked/added to their cart, and picking specialised outfits or items based on the category they usually shop in. This provides them with an easy and seamless experience.

Personalization in the fashion industry increases customer satisfaction and their chance of revisiting, and thus increases your revenue and client base.


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