A Monthly Shopify Support Retainer to Grow Your eCommerce Store

Our monthly support services provide an expert ecommerce team to Shopify and Shopify Plus store owners to help them grow while providing support month after month. Every membership is equipped with flexible hours that can be used across all of our services, including development, design, technical support, and strategic consulting.

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Shopify Migration
Shopify Design Agency

Perfect for eCommerce Store That Want Shopify Strategy, Design, and Development Services Every Month

Finding & Planning

Your strategies for where you wish to take your website may be intricate. We could get engaged as soon as feasible, offering research and analysis to assist you in developing a strategy to achieve your objective.

Online Commerce Audits

Our technical experts can assess your present website and provide workable solutions to boost conversions and onsite SEO, guaranteeing that you get visitors of a high caliber.

Expert Team on Retainer, Devoted

Our client services team monitors your main goals while offering advice and information to assist your ideas to thrive and make sure we fulfill our commitments successfully.

Upgrades and Patching for Discovery

For online success, having a current, safe website that gives your customers a reason to trust you is just as important as having a beautiful one.

Audit of Technical Support & Repairs

Make sure customers can always buy from you. Serious issues may be promptly fixed, by restoring your internet access.

Monitoring and Reporting for Retainers

The vital functions of your website are monitored by the Rapid Spike monitoring tool. We can provide customized reports to assist you with your online strategy.

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Resolved Critical Issues

Take comfort in knowing that important system and core functionality problems will be resolved, minimizing the effect on your customers and conversions so you can quickly resume operations. We are skilled in integrating the top technology from our Shopify app partners as well as creating custom features that are exclusive to your company. Our skilled Shopify developers can help with problem repairs, modifications, or implementing your newest ideas.

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Shopify Development Agency

The Best Designs Will Engage Customers

Our eCommerce-focused web designers create user interfaces and website designs that perfectly represent the companies we partner with. Except when conversions and growth are at the core, our designs are always in line with your larger parameters. Consumer expectations are higher than ever and as a result, it’s more crucial than ever to differentiate yourself from your rivals in the online marketplace.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

To assist Shopify and Shopify Plus store owners in achieving their conversion rate goals and achieving sustainable growth, we provide CRO Agency services. Our conversion rate optimization services will help you increase your online store’s KPIs at every level, from Shopify web design to Shopify web development, general technical assistance to long-term strategic consulting. Our services assist in altering user behavior so that more website visits convert to buyers.

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Shopify Integrations

When you need us, we are there for your store.

Because we are aware of the difficulties involved in operating an online business, we will be available through email to assist you and address any concerns raised by your entire team. The support staff at Shopify is unable to assist with inquiries about custom themes since we take the time to become intimately familiar with each of our members’ businesses.

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Experience, skill, and growth strategies

Our memberships are perfect for you if you’re seeking a strategic partner to help you expand your online business. Together, we’ll aim to increase conversion rates through product development, design enhancements, and audits while offering ongoing support. The best support & long-term optimization for your Shopify or Shopify Plus store comes with memberships with us.

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Shopify CRO Agency
Shopify Agency

We are a Shopify expert firm located in India that designs, develops, launches support, and grows the most ambitious Shopify & Shopify Plus ecommerce stores.

We combine the expertise of a diversified eCommerce team to create a trustworthy eCommerce partner for aspirational companies. We push the limits of creative design and create websites utilizing state-of-the-art development tools & procedures as an authorized Shopify Experts firm. Our extensive experience covers a wide range of sectors and industries, including those in the food, beauty, fashion, and furniture sectors, among others, providing all of our projects with a unique perspective to make your business stand out.

To create a variety of features that push the boundaries of what is possible, we provide bespoke design and development on Shopify & Shopify Plus, the world’s fastest-growing and most dependable eCommerce platform. Our e-commerce strategies are bold, perceptive, and tailored to our merchants, and we use historical data to bring improvements to our core KPIs and take into account the consumer experience from the time of a visit to the time of purchase.

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Shopify Retainers FAQs

It gets paid in advance each month before the work is finished. You are spending money on time as opposed to a specific service. Depending on the retainer package you select, we will arrange the right number of hours each month on our calendar, and I will plan my workload accordingly. You feel more secure knowing that you will receive a set amount of work each month.
Design: UI/UX design theme component designs (navigation, buttons, fonts, colors, etc), development of pages, editing of content, etc. Strategies include basic Shopify admin training and recommendations for third-party tools that increase conversions.
Your clients will pay a monthly retainer fee up front to ensure that they will have access to your services for the time frame specified. For lengthy projects, clients who engage with several firms on a monthly retainer frequently pay a recurring fee and are reachable at any time.
A "retainer" is a contract you have with a client that provides for up-front payment for work that has not yet been completed. The agreed-upon scope of work or deliverables is paid for by the client at a fixed rate.
It encourages a cordial working relationship and increases trust between the two parties. It helps to make sure they get paid in full for the services they provide. The fair price range for the services offered is also advantageous.
Typically, a retainer amounts to 20%–50% of the total price. Although some clients might object to paying a 50% retainer, doing so has advantages. A higher retainer increases the perceived value of your services. When you want a 50% retainer, it is obvious that you value your time.