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We offer vividly customized eCommerce consultancy and audit solutions to create an auspicious trail for your business

eCommerce Consulting & Audit Services for Lasting Eminence

Many eCommerce companies excel in online trading and transaction of custom-friendly services, but the selection of the right technology stack remains to be a mystery for brands. That’s the part where we come to the rescue of retail businesses and guide them with applicable eCommerce technology stacks, customer acquisition, data analytics, and paid marketing. Aside from conclusive digital marketing and paid social advertising, our Shopify & Magento eCommerce consulting solutions also cover the following custom services:

  • eCommerce Auditing
  • eCommerce Re-platforming
  • eCommerce growth Strategy
  • Luxury eCommerce Consultancy
  • Fashion eCommerce Consultancy

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We specialise in working with luxury and premium brands to help grow and optimise eCommerce business.

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Building Commercial Entrance with Consulting

Technology evaluation is the most underrated phase of online store creation as it involves the fundamental planning of eCommerce performance on the web. For our experienced team players, brand creation is way beyond web design, code implementation, and SEO. We ensure to look into deep-rooted layers of effective eCommerce development to address the proper channelization of your online store. We take pride in laying the ground for an online portal that specializes in delivering an unwavering shopping experience to its buyers.

Creating A Foresighted Action Plan for Marketing

Your luxury retail enterprise requires a future-ready strategy roadmap to sustain its prominence in the marketplace. Even if you have a tremendous base of loyal customers on the internet, your eCommerce platform will need an action plan that can detect the potential marketing risks and subjugate the overwhelming competition hassle-free. Our eCommerce SEO marketing audit followed by custom-built design optimization and paid social advertising consulting can paint the big picture of your online store and lodge a futuristic brand success.

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Ecommerce Consulting FAQs

E-Commerce consultants are the ones who are expertise to develop and design the best plans to increase business potential through online buyers. These E-Commerce consultants analyze the business along with creating strategies that achieve all your digital goals

Many consultants plan a strong marketing background in search engines, content marketing, product, and social media promotion. A perfect E-Commerce consultant offers you a great way to enhance online sales by adapting to the evolving market. A skilled E-Commerce consultant is beneficial to the online business, and here are a few ways e-commerce consultants can be worth investing in

● Grow business

● Come up with a strategy

● Optimize results

● Enhance user experience

● Initiates digital marketing events
Most of the entrepreneurs that own ecommerce stores might not have a small understanding of how online marketing works, which becomes a disadvantage for them. If you want your products to sell then you need to market them properly which makes you look at ecommerce consultants. Based upon the company's niche, and type of product you sell, the potential market you focus on, they create a plan for all your company needs.

Ecommerce consultants are needed for the success of the business, an ecommerce agency offers skilled advice over marketing, UX, suppliers, advertising, and more things. As they know what to tick and what shouldn't it becomes easy for them to improve your online store. Either you own a WooCommerce or Magento store they can improve the conversion rate.
Are you looking for a certain area of expertise, unbiased suggestions, mainly want to get successful. Then you should hire an e-commerce consultant?

Figuring out what you need or what strategies could you adopt improves the online business. An e-commerce consultant is a skilled one who is expertise in knowing chances to grow in the e-commerce business. Consult an e-commerce consultant today and figure out the success mantra of your business.
Figuring out the need for an e-commerce consultant isn't tough. But, finding the right one is a dilemma. Here are the things to look for in an e-commerce consultant.

1. Cost:

Unique agencies have unique methods that calculate prices to offer consultancy services. Few offer a flat fee, and others evaluate just the resources utilized for the whole consultancy process. Proper research is needed that enhances the whole profitability of the retail store.

2. Experience:

Ensure your chosen agency has related experience. Know the clients they worked with before and the produced outcomes in the certain areas you are looking to hire.

3. Transparency matters

Go with a marketing agency that updates you when things go wrong or right. A good agency brings difficulties to attention and comes with a plan for fixing them.

4. Better Communication

If the agency isn't communicating with you well, then you can run into issues. Right from the contract and campaign execution, your agency should access you to be on the same page with them. That gives you a win-win situation.

NOIR &BLANCO ticks everything here and on your mind, which made it popular in the market.
Discovering the finest talent is an art. Thanks to the internet and technology, we can now easily find the talents at your fingers, here is the place to dig.

● Consulting market area:

Websites such as Catalant, Experts 360, and SpareHire lets you post your needs, where experts bid their cost and experience to pick from.

● Social media:

Social media is a fantastic place to look at. Most people go with LinkedIn to find experts. Even on Instagram, Twitter you can search for keyword topics that you like to solve issue points that land you in the best direction.

● Freelancing website:

Freelance sites such a Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer is the best place to find experts or freelancers you need.

● Recommendation from peers

You can message or email your fellow business people or your peers to find if they are aware of the experts for your pain point. With little digging over Google can help you find the one you need and engage them to reach them
If you have the idea of what exactly you need then only you could have the idea of the work that can cost you. Little factors can define the investment level you need to be equipped with.

However, the cost of the ecommerce consultant is based upon the work you like them to finish, their experience, and their country or location. Normally, the prices range from $25-$300 on an hourly basis.
Of course why not. You can hire an e-commerce consultant from the agency. A consultant is best to hire if you require people to build a strategy for your business home you can put to action using your team. Consultants might already work with many businesses and in-house, so they know what it takes to do things properly.
We all heard that franchise consulting company makes journey profitable, yet that might not exclude every uncertainty. There are few disadvantages of hiring a consultant than a full-time employee. As you might get the similar continuity and the good relationship like you get with the employee. You may end up paying high fees to your consultant. And mainly, you get restricted control on consultants. An unforeseeable challenge that can turn into a costly mistake can start trouble for you. Consulting a perfect and friendly team of consultancy can eradicate any problem and develops an efficient franchise while facilitating a strong engagement.
Yes, there are unique types of e-commerce that can't be expressed in different areas. Few ecommerce consultants might specialize in BigCommerce consultants where few have experience in UX. So, work with someone who is perfectly aligned with the business with great experience in the industry

If you are seeking a consultant, then find someone with a valid track record in their certain niche and discover a perfect match for the business size. Know if your chosen consultant can work with the SMBs or just focus on Enterprise level businesses. Are they trained in yet audience or products that you target? Ensure to discover a consultant who matches the business model. You are going to work with this person for years or months. So, find if their personality fits your needs.
This is a main and popular question and concern for anyone who owns an e-commerce store. What is better in-house or an e-commerce consultancy?

In-house marketing is based upon an internal marketing team where the business can use them for marketing. An agency marketing utilizes outsourced or external marketing teams for whom you pay for using to promote your company. An in-house consultant is the best option to create a depth of awareness on a certain audience or products on the market. As outside consultancy could be helpful to outside perspective as at times to get fresh ideas for old Strategies.

For normal tasks which don't need any expertise, the level of technical awareness in-house offer is a good choice. But for marketing your e-commerce store to another level you need to look at an e-commerce consultancy. If you thinking of hiring an e-commerce consultancy for the campaign then NOIR & BLANCO is an excellent option. Being a full-service agency we offer right from PPC to SEO and reputation, web design services for any size or marketing campaign.
In the onboarding process for e-commerce, the consultant needs you to go through content creation, administration information, and more based upon the business. Creating an excellent onboarding experience as the best ecommerce experience, employees can turn and become devoted to the business. Businesses can't easily expect consultants to run into the business and start the process of joining quickly within minutes.

Try to make the process easier by offering an easy peasy onboarding process. While the onboarding process remembers to offer your consultant a little sneak peek about your business priorities, goals, and what you like to achieve in the future. If it is time for the employee to apply and learn company processes and policies it is the best strategy to know it through advertising strategies. E-commerce consults need to have a full context about the project scope they also need to understand your business culture and how you are thinking to work with them. Stay simple and precise as let them know who they should report or what kind of services you are expecting them to deliver to you
When your business isn't going anywhere or don't know what to add to marketing strategy or if people hesitate to get products from you matter how much your products are good, then it is obvious to look, an e-commerce consultant.

An ecommerce consultant frees up time that makes you focus on other things. if they are working products or on ads, you could do other things without stress by thinking your business is in safe hands. However, you need someone to be there with him that with a certain understanding of technical things or someone who can balance the business and technical side. Ecommerce consultants play a huge role in these days' business landscape. These specialists analyze a store and position in the industry then come up with a plan for skyrocketing for your sake.
E-commerce platforms make your life simple. To get started with an e-commerce platform here is are a list of the best e-commerce platforms for your business to pick from.

● Shopify is best for serious eCommerce businesses

● Square space is the best artsy store with fewer products, that show images better than another platform.

● BigCommerce is the beginners in commerce and it's easy to start with.

● Wix is the best option for small businesses.

● WooCommerce is best for people who have WordPress or are interested in blogging.

● Selz is known for the cheapest ecommerce platform but an effective one.

Want to build an online presence, being a full-service luxury digital marketing company NOIR & BLANCO has specialized in web design, designing, and SEO, advertising, and more for years. Consult us today.