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NOIR & BLANCO – A premier Shopify agency based in Mumbai, India and working with clients across the globe. We specialise in luxury, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, working with some of the fastest growing brands on Shopify.

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eCommerce Discovery & Strategy

Our team of ecommerce experts will conduct a deep dive into your eCommerce website and business. We’ll ensure that all activity is perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

  • Project Scoping
  • Platform Selection
  • Tech Consultancy
  • Project Planning
  • UX Planning

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Shopify Design & Development

Our web designers have years of experience creating websites that showcase your brand and deliver a seamless customer journey. We pride ourselves on designing conversion-focused Shopify web designs.

We built a team of experienced Shopify developers who thrive on assisting our clients in achieving consistent growth through custom Shopify design and development.

Our experienced web development team creates a complete store that’s fast, accessible, and optimised for SEO, mobile, and internationalisation.

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shopify agency

Shopify Migration

We’ll migrate your data (orders, customers, accounts, and SEO) securely, connect your integrations, and make sure there’s no lost traffic during migration.

  • WooCommerce to Shopify Migration
  • Magento to Shopify Migration
  • BigCommerce to Shopify Migration
  • Shopware to Shopify Migration
  • WordPress to Shopify migration

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Shopify Integrations

Shopify integrations are third-party apps that can be used to add new features and functions to your Shopify store. We have experience creating custom integrations that can be synced with a Shopify store.

  • Shopify App Integration
  • Shopify ERP Integrations
  • Shopify CRM Integrations

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Shopify Monthly Retainers

Our Shopify monthly retainer gives you an expert Shopify team (Shopify developers, UX Designers & Growth Strategists) when you need them – every month.

  • Design – UI/UX Design for Theme component designs
  • Development – Page development, Content updates, etc.
  • Integration – Third-party apps integration
  • Growth Strategy –  Conversion optimization

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We implement new experiences that boost conversion rates through design improvements, feature development, and store auditing whilst providing day-to-day support.

  • A/B Testing
  • Design & Redesign
  • Store Auditing & Mapping
  • Analytics & Tracking Setup
  • Check-out Flow Optimizations

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Shopify Marketing

eCommerce Marketing

We’ll combine our performance marketing expertise with your vision to achieve your long-term goals. We will drive traffic to your Shopify store and help you convert more sales.

  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Conversion Optimization

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Shopify Plus Solutions

As a Shopify Partner agency, We leverage the power of the platform to design, develop, and grow ecommerce websites for premium brands. With our years of Shopify experience, we help with both upgrading to Shopify Plus and migration from other platforms.

  • Design & UX
  • Web Development
  • Replatforming
  • International expansion
  • Headless commerce
  • Systems’ integrations

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Shopify Design, Development & Migration



Shopify Design & Development

shopify agency


Shopify Design & Development

shopify agency


Shopify Design & Development

 Shopify Agency FAQs

If you’re looking for a Shopify agency partner to help you grow your Shopify store, NOIR & BLANCO is an excellent choice. Here are a few reasons why:

Acumen: NOIR & BLANCO has the expertise and knowledge to create a beautiful, functional, and profitable online store for you.

Results-driven approach: NOIR & BLANCO is results-driven and will work with you to understand your business goals and create a strategy to achieve them. 

Customized solutions: NOIR & BLANCO works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and create customized solutions to meet those needs. 

Design and development expertise: NOIR & BLANCO has a team that can create a visually stunning & user-friendly Shopify store that offers an enjoyable customer experience. 

Shopify support: NOIR & BLANCO doesn’t just build your Shopify store; We also offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your site is always up-to-date.

Overall, NOIR & BLANCO is a reliable, experienced, and results-driven Shopify agency partner that can help you create a successful online store.

If you have an idea for an online store that you want to discuss in detail, then you can get in touch with NOIR & BLANCO via email (contact@noirandblanco.com) and call (+91-77418 98608). 

You can also go to the ‘Get in Touch’ section and fill in the form with the basic details. Our team will contact you!

Yes, NOIR & BLANCO provides Shopify maintenance support to ensure that your online store runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team of experts is highly experienced in managing and maintaining Shopify stores, and we offer a range of services to help you keep your store up-to-date, secure, and optimized.

Our custom services include theme updates, site backups, security checks, performance optimization, and more. We also offer ongoing support and troubleshooting to help you address any issues that may arise. So, if you’re looking for reliable and comprehensive Shopify maintenance support, we’ve got you covered.

Our Shopify development services typically include store setup, custom Shopify design, development, third-party app integrations, and maintenance and support. At our agency, we provide end-to-end Shopify development services, starting from ideation to deployment and post-deployment maintenance.

Our team of experienced developers specializes in creating custom Shopify design, development, third-party app integrations, and optimizing store performance. We also specialize in ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the smooth running of your Shopify store. 

The time taken to build a Shopify website entirely depends on the complexity of the site and the design requirements. Typically, a basic Shopify website with a few product pages and a simple design can be built in a few days.

On the other hand, a more complex site with custom features, advanced functionalities, and numerous pages can take several weeks or even months to build. Therefore, it’s always advisable to consult our Shopify developers who can assess your specific needs and give you a reasonable timeline for your website build.

Project head from the NOIR & BLANCO team will always keep you posted on your Shopify development project. At the same time, we also make sure to cater to doubts or queries that you come across during the course of this process.

Yes, we do make mobile-friendly Shopify platforms. In fact, all of our Shopify designs and development are optimized for mobile devices. With the growing number of customers accessing online stores through their mobile devices, we understand the importance of having a mobile-friendly website.
NOIR & BLANCO ensures that the Shopify platform we create is responsive & compatible with all screen sizes and devices. This enables your customers to have an excellent shopping experience on your online store, no matter where they are accessing it from.

At NOIR & BLANCO, the cost of custom Shopify development services varies depending on the specific requirements of each project. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We always identify targeted business objectives and recommend solutions that align with the budgets.
To provide an accurate cost estimate, we would need to first understand your project requirements. We encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation and get a personalized quote for your custom Shopify development needs.

The pricing models at NOIR & BLANCO vary greatly depending on the services provided, the size of the business, and the level of expertise required. At the end of the day, we prioritize your budget and expectations to deliver the results you need to grow your online business.

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We design, develop and grow bespoke e-commerce stores on Shopify & Shopify Plus.

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