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Organic Growth Marketing For Shopify Stores

At NOIR & BLANCO, we take a consultative approach to working together and specialise in crafting successful Shopify SEO campaigns across Mumbai and beyond. We work on a variety of Shopify stores including Boutique Fashion Houses, Home Decor, Life Style, B2B eCommerce and lots more.

A thing that sets us apart from most of the other Shopify SEO agencies is that we also own and run a successful eCommerce business and have an exemplary understanding of how eCommerce works. Our Shopify SEO services include the following:

  • SEO Audit
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Site Migration
  • Keyword Research

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Our Shopify SEO Services

While Shopify is the easiest all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow a business, it comes with it’s set of challenges.

That’s the reason, we, at NOIR & BLANCO have created several eCommerce SEO strategies for Shopify stores and know exactly which one is necessary to get your eCommerce website booming.

  • Shopify Website SEO Audit: We go through your eCommerce website to understand its performance, security and requirements.
  • Keyword Research: We assist in finding and using the apt keywords for better website growth.
  • Link Building: Help to generate traffic on your eCommerce site and boost your revenue.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation: We help in increasing the number of visitors to your website as well as converting them into loyal customers.

Why Is Shopify SEO Important?

SEO is an extremely viable and cost effective method that helps your website gain access to a much larger audience.

Your eCommerce site begins to grow, sales and revenue increase, and new users can easily find your website. It prevents your website from getting lost among the hundreds out there.

Almost 62% of users who have looked for a product on Goggle or any other browser have ended up purchasing it the very same instant.

This is why SEO is so important, it makes your website shine, attracts “ready to buy” customers to your site, and leads to successful brand growth.

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Shopify SEO FAQs

44% of users begin their shopping journey through an online search. This number alone should drive you to adopt an SEO strategy for your Shopify store. Social media advertising too works better when users are already familiar with your brand. Having a visible and shining presence on the internet is of utmost importance.
There are several factors that are involved in determining the cost for Shopify SEO. It depends on the industry and niche you belong to, how old your website is, what all is required by your website, how you wish to grow your brand, etc. After analysing all these factors, the expert can determine the cost.
eCommerce SEO usually involves optimizing your headlines, descriptions, meta data, link structure for search and customer experience.

Checking the usability of your website, using keywords, analysis, building links, content marketing, etc, all of these factors play a part in helping your site rank above the rest. It can take anywhere between 3-24 months for SEO to work, as for much newer websites, website building, developing the right content and fixing minor bugs, is of primary importance. Then, one can proceed to creating a strong online presence. eCommerce sites belonging to a more competitive and tough industry too, require proper time and effort.
At NOIR & BLANCO we have a dedicated and passionate team who work to help improve your Shopify eCommerce Site Rankings. We are listing a few of the important factors that we pay detailed attention to and that contribute to your site’s rankings,

- Site Structure.

- Keywords.

- Meta Data.

- Product Image Optimisation

- Product Descriptions

- URL Structure.

- Links.

Do not be concerned if you are unable to comprehend all these terms and procedures. That’s where we as a company, step in. We help you solve all these issues and queries and help you develop a successful and flourishing Shopify eCommerce Store using our SEO strategies.
Basically, SEO is used to generate better and larger number of users to your site through search engines. So that, if a person is looking to solve a query or shop for a product online, your website is the first one they are lead to.

78% of customers tend to rely on the first 3 sites that are available to them post their search. Hence, to become one of those sites, you require a good and useful SEO strategy.

With over a million Shopify stores, it is necessary to use SEO to sustain your business, and evolve and grow it as well. Whatever you sell, SEO is required to let people know that you sell it.

Adopt the right, platform centric and smart strategy for your Shopify Store, and watch it boom. SEO is no longer an option, it is an essential pillar for the growth of your business.
If you work with an efficient and committed Shopify SEO Agency, you will definitely see sustainable results. We at NOIR & BLANCO help you to fix your technical issues, assist you on every requirement of your Shopify Store, and creatively execute our marketing strategy to enable your brand to lead among the rest.
- Complete Transparency.

We’ve told you what SEO is, why it is necessary, how it brings in results. And we want you to know, that any other query you have, any other requirement you have, any issues you wish resolved, we are here. We are here to solve the query with you, and have you completely involved in the process. Your faith in us is the most important aspect for our team.

- Custom SEO Project Plans

Your Shopify store has its own needs and requirements, and we understand it. We have custom plans in order to cater to all kinds of brands, stores, niches and industries. No matter how big or small your eCommerce site is, or what modification you require, our company has your back. - Reports. Our dedicated team of working professionals will provide you with the data that is necessary for you to measure your company’s growth and performance. Our reports are hard proof that our company ensures your success and progress.