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NOIR & BLANCO Shopify migration experts will ensure a seamless platform website migration to Shopify & Shopify Plus.

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End-to-end and Comprehensive Shopify migration solutions propound by the Shopify migration experts to stimulate coherent Shopify migration.

Count on us to kickstart Shopify or Shopify plus journey with stress-free and hassle-free migration that is set up and running in no time.

Shopify Migration Services

Nourish your business on the future ground of Shopify plus and Shopify, with Shopify migration. As trailblazers of E-commerce creation, we aim to deliver hassle-free Shopify migration services to help you build business success. It isn’t a cakewalk to migrate from a typical e-commerce system to Shopify. Our Shopify experts at NOIR & BLANCO ensure Shopify Migration is finished flawlessly, without any possible damages.

Our Shopify experts migrate your web store’s orders, products, data, and consumers seamlessly. Shopify developers and designers at NOIR & BLANCO bring years of experience in moving e-commerce operations to Shopify from e-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento.

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We specialise in working with luxury and premium brands to help grow and optimise eCommerce business.

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Why Move to Shopify or Shopify Plus?

Migrating from a legacy platform to the new one needs lots of work. In a few years, numerous big brands worldwide moved to Shopify Plus. Being an industry-leading e-commerce platform, Shopify and Shopify Plus is a complete solution for ecommerce businesses. A wide array of plugins and advanced features enrich apps and functionalities. With minimal developer needs to robust security and an in-built payment system, your business can be the cream of the crop among the competitors with Shopify and Shopify plus migration services.

Why Hire Us for Shopify Migration Services?

Bad migration disrupts your business, don’t take risks, and get started with Shopify Migration. Our years of success rates and expertise boosts your migration of existing eCommerce store to feature-rich Shopify. We are a best-in-class and vetted Shopify agency and proactive Shopify migration agency. NOIR & BLANCO is proud to offer high-speed and accurate migration to the business. With an award-winning team and a fascinated tech stack & dedicated Shopify migration experts, we guarantee a flawless Shopify migration.

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Shopify Migration Expets FAQ’s

NOIR & BLANCO, is a Shopify agency that offers Shopify migration services with several years of development experience. We have an excellent portfolio of clients who have only good things to talk about. Our certified team of Shopify experts worked with many industries and organizations of every size. Our team of developers is purely dedicated to the Shopify eCommerce migration services. They serve your store nothing more than the best. If you want Shopify migration services for a flawless migration that is worth your money and time, NOIR & BLANCO is the best bet.
Whether you are thinking to migrate your store to Shopify or looking for WooCommerce to Shopify or BigCommerce to Shopify and wondering what can be the cost. Well, it is mostly based on the services you need for the store along with the complexity and size of the Ecommerce store. An easy migration cost less than a complex one, if you need customization of the website then the cost can go up. The price of the eCommerce store migration to Shopify is based on how you can transfer a site from the BigCommerce to Shopify as well as the Shopify migration business that you hired for the migration services. It is even based on the knowledge that the developers have and the website migration services they provide. A top-rated Shopify migration company such as NOIR & BLANCO makes sure that you can migrate from WooCommerce and BigCommerce to Shopify hassle-freely without data loss or issues that will be worth every penny. Contact our manager today to know about every price question.
Shopify eCommerce platform migration is the feature that Shopify provides to all of its clients. So you can migrate hassle-freely, from any platform like Magneto, WooCommerce, and Bigcommerce to the Shopify platform. NOIR & BLANCO, Shopify eCommerce migration services known for their skill in this. Migration can be performed smoothly after your prior business eCommerce store shit down or inactive. So, then the eCommerce re-platforming over Shopify could be conducted simply without any difficulty in a few minutes. You can get back your business and run over the new platform, Shopify after the process is finished. This way is even followed by NOIR & BLANCO Shopify eCommerce re-platform consultants. Few businesses can see this method as a way to lose their consumers so most businesses prefer migration while their store is active. That can be done also, however this way, migration is performed in parts one by one. That way every part of your store will be migrated. What can you do in this situation is just back up eCommerce data migration over Shopify along with your previous platform. So, no data can be lost in this migration procedure.
● It is scalable: Shopify is made for merchants of every size. Both small and new merchants could begin with the normal Shopify plan and then scale up when operations grow. The flexibility in Shopify made it the best better choice mainly for small businesses. ● Shopify has secured: The shoppers offer their financial and personal information on the Shopify store. So, you require a website that's secured from crashes. Shopify ensures the security of the eCommerce store which is hosted over the platform. This even has a normal check over its maintenance, upgrading, and security system. With limitless bandwidth, high uptime, and with SSL certificate, your store's security is something you don't need to worry about. ● Personalize store from scratch: Shopify access you to customize the Shopify look of the store design with the theme editor. This platform features theme editor functions like drag and drop. That access companies to personalize store’s fonts, colors, fonts, sections, and more. This interface helps with launching flash sales Best thing about Shopify is that you can access custom features as simple as installing the app. ● A huge community of experts: Shopify ecosystem is a huge community, that's spanning nations and experts. From app developers to merchants to experts in a certain niche, you could find support simply. Join the Shopify communities on social platforms such as Reddit and Facebook then find the Shopify experts for hiring through marketplaces as Shopify Experts. ● Handle products simply: Product management is the main part of the e-commerce business. Shopify ensures a user-friendly product management system and lets you handle it without any issues.
At NOIR & BLANCO we follow a frictionless and smooth process of e-commerce migration, here's how it works: 1. Keep the store data safe Before moving your business to Shopify we back up data. That lets us import store data to your Shopify store easily which ensures no data loss and also a seamless migration. 2. Migrating without drawbacks After backing up your data our Shopify experts migrate the website from your current e-commerce platform to Shopify. You can be assured of being of placing your business in the safe hands of our team throughout this migration 3. Onboard to try the platform After a successful migration process, we get on board to introduce you to many varieties of features. We also work with you to understand extra features that you might need and customize them on the front end. 4. Post-Migration: Migration is just a single part of the work. After helping merchants migrate their e-commerce stores to Shopify we walk through to find any other business requirements. Either it's optimizing navigation or developing store design. After post-migration, we help with any queries or doubts you have or any developments you need. Our Shopify experts are always up to work with you to upgrade your Shopify store to another level with new features that your Shopify deserves.
Because hiring Shopify migration services is the most relaxing option to choose for your e-commerce business. Expertise Shopify expert equipped with the experience and technical knowledge that helps with transferring your web store to Shopify. That includes Woocommerce to Shopify and Magento to Shopify services. Assigning the work of migration to the certified experts as NOIR & BLANCO access you save time on more important things. If you don't have any coding knowledge don't just risk it results in causing more difficulties, losing data, and wasting powerful resources money, and efforts. A single mistake from an unqualified person could impact the reputation you build over years. Contact NOIR & BLANCO, we are a team of experienced Shopify experts who can handle safe and smooth Shopify migration. Your website is an investment, so hire a Pro like us who ensures to deliver an effective user experience, and performance that's skyrocket sales, and growth of your business.
Here are the tips to follow while Shopify migrating for a smooth transition: There are four things that you must pay attention to: ● Take out certain specific protocols such as “HTTPS:” and “HTTP:” from the store assets URLs such as photos, and theme files to make sure they are available. ● Make sure that the sites which clients bookmarked possess URL redirects set up. That removes the chance of losing customers returning to the page after migration and discovering it inaccessible. ● We can’t move consumer passwords from other platforms to Shopify as they are encrypted. So, customer accounts can't be transferred but you can transfer customer records to Shopify. ● Migrate articles and blog posts with the tools offered by Shopify. Use relative path while replacing the embedded pictures in the blog posts. Using Shopify third-party apps can be helpful An expert technical migration specialist is best to undertake the migration. Shopify migration services can be helpful to define the data you are executing or moving integrations, then put a fantastic migration strategy with the correct tools
There are a few important points in the process which you need to look at to make sure the work is fully efficient. If you are migrating to Shopify, then here are the things you should look at while considering data transfer and more vital factors, without losing consumers' trust and conversions. ● Product and its Categories: Product status, description, price, manufacture, URL, image, price, meta title, description, variants and weight, and everything about the product categories. ● Visuals of Products:: The information about products like their color, size, and shape. ● Orders Information: Order date, consumer data ID, order date, order products, order status, quantity, product price, subtotal, discount, shipping price, tax price, billing address, consumer name, order comments, and more. ● Data On Home Pages: Blogs, Contact us, About us, and more CMS pages. ● Images & Integrations: Images utilized on content gaps and homepages. Every customer-related details, phone number, name, location, email address, and more. ● SEO: SEO is a vital factor in the Shopify migration that brings organic traffic to the store. Look at the new site and create 301 redirects through old pages to the new ones, or else search results can suffer.