Shopify eCommerce Audits & Consulting

A business isn’t going to be successful overnight, well it takes tons of effort. Unless you want to burn your and your site by donning many hats, we make the process a breeze. From tiny modifications to whole marketing packages, our experienced e-commerce consultants come up with results-driven and focused audits.  It’s high time now, let’s take your eCommerce store to another level.

NOIR & BLANCO is full of avid Shopify fanatics who sleep and breathe everything with online selling. Being a standalone service, we suggest and implement ongoing service even after the audit.

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The Discovery

At NOIR & BLANCO, we pledged to build a method that accesses everyone to audit each & every element of the business. The collared data get us actionable insights to generate growth around your business. The most genuine Intention of our consultants is to make the most from the existing users and attract new ones.

Our discovery phase process is too immersive which identifies successful, areas for an outstanding opportunity. Typically, improving the experience, marketing and technology is the motive behind a successful Webstore.

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Technology Audit

A crucial part of taking your store success rate to the peak. Our experts conduct a comprehensive tech audit. We begin with, examining the apps that you are using. It’s not the end, it’s the beginning. After finishing with apps, we test the reliability, and efficiency of apps in the tech stack.

Shopify experts at NOIR & BLANCO recommend vital improvements based on the internal process and technical detail of the store. Beyond storefront, we eye shipping, and inventory management, and replace apps with better ones. To get the most from apps, we provide trained experts or training to your team.

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Marketing Audit

Reap a detailed report of the brand marketing with the actual figures and facts from NOIR & BLANCO. A detailed plan is put forwards to show how we achieve your dream ROI and goals. Drawing attention to what works and what is not gets humongous results for you.

Marketing audits save money and enable you to make good decisions. With our honest review, you could specify different areas to improve and grow.

Not just performing marketing Audit for the store or product page, get a real-time signal if an issue occurs. Bespoke marketing and guidance with full-blown auditing, no wonder why your store drives conversion to you.

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Experience Audit

Understand unparalleled insights into how people feel, use and engage with the product. The expert used UX Audit at NOIR & BLANCO defines how to turn your product competitive to reach business goals. An impressive user experience audit defines the product`s success. Experienced analysis of products and a thorough website audit make you perform better. As focused on UX, our team let flow their creativity while finding pain points.

Through data-led decisions and best practice suggestions, we improve the overall on-site experience that enriches  KPIs metrics. With off-site and On-site messaging, our team ensures to get more from existing content and scale content efforts.

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Why Choose Us to Audit Your Shopify Store?

We know what we are doing. Your store won’t feel as if it came out of the box but it resembles your brand

Our team of passionate experts gathers data, run some trials, and offers reports to know what can be good for the brand.  Not just sales,  dominate online selling, and search results, and rapidly flourish your brand with our tried & tested techniques.

Design & data

Our audits balance bit technology and data with a design that covers the full user experience &Proven experience.

End-to-end audit services

From planning, and designing, to growing our Shopify agency perfected with the end-to-end audit.

Expertise in Shopify Design, Development & Migration

Rather than other agencies, our team worked with Shopify. So, it helps in getting the most from your Shopify website.

Workable proposals

Depending on the store’s analytics and data we got,  we begin with specifying tactics, to boost speed, conversion, clicks, and more

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