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Magento empowers thousands of retailers and brands with the best eCommerce platforms and flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow. Its users have access to several unique features that help them interact with their customers and evolve their business.

Is your site loading too slow, Poor content, Not getting featured enough, String URL queries, Page configuration issues, Coding problems,
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Your company has its own requirements, and needs. Building an eCommerce site, that is appealing, successful, and shows positive growth is not easy. We aim to provide you with a strategy that perfectly fits you, and your company’s goals. Our SEO Strategies are customised and tailor made so that they encourage your company to grow and evolve on the right track.

We assess your site, and check its usability, features, and requirements, in order to improve your Magento SEO and rankings. We also check your standing compared to your competitors in your niche.

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Magento Seo FAQs

NOIR & BLANCO has experience, and utmost dedication to provide your Magento Site with the best SEO solutions. Our strategies are exemplary and guarantee quick and positive results. We provide our customers with only the best, and there is no compromise on our end. Our agency has hard working team members who are passionate about serving you and your site in the finest way possible.
Magento makes it extremely convenient for you to write meta keywords. To create meta values for each product on your site, simply select the product, go to Basic Settings —> Search Engine Optimisation and enter your meta tags there. While entering the meta keywords is an easy process, finding and using the apt keywords is the real task. By using a Magento SEO agency like NOIR & BLANCO, you can ensure that you use the right keywords, description, and tags in order to boost your rankings.
Magento offers several extensions for SEO, that help simplify shopping on your site, help with email marketing, and much more. To properly tap into these benefits and know exactly which extension is suitable for your Magento site, it is essential for you to hire a Magento SEO Agency.
Magento is filled with resources and features that ensure your store ranks higher and organically grows your site. It does not discard the key elements like UX, URLS, and H1s, and hence is perfect for SEO.
It is a unique set of adjustments that help you grow your website, boost your sales and attract traffic on to your site. Magento is SEO friendly and has several viable features that can immediately improve your site. However, knowing which of these features is required for your site is essential in order to properly use them. Magento does get a little tricky while correctly optimising SEO, and may have to deal with excess competition from Shopify, but it is still very much possible to execute a successful Magento SEO campaign. At NOIR & BLANCO, we’re always ready to help.
Magento SEO is important because your site needs to be featured, and rank higher for greater visibility. People tend to refer to the top 3 sites after searching on their browser, and it is essential for your business and Magento site to be one of these. Your site needs easily accessible in order to grow sales and gain a loyal customer base.
Magento 1 is an outdated option that was originally started in 2008. Magento 2 has recently been started in 2015. Though the latter is a more expensive option, it is also much better in terms of user interface. The structure and technology of Magento 2 is far better, thus the process of using a Magento 2 site is much smoother and convenient. The performance has been improved by a great extent. Magento 2 is much faster, takes lesser time to load, is more secure, and most importantly, can handle more orders. It is constantly updating, evolving, and fixing any minor issues at the very instant.
Yes, it is. But there is nothing that we at NOIR & BLANCO cannot help you solve. Duplication of meta links, keywords, tags and content for pages is a very frequent issue on Magento. Even setting up a variety of products page may become tricky. Duplicate content is very harmful for your SEO and impact your search rankings, cause traffic loses and a lot worse as it confuses your browser. However, this can be solved using the right strategies and coding, that we at NOIR & BLANCO assist you with.
Yes. Updating helps in avoiding all those minor bugs and issues and provides you with the best SEO support features. Your ranking improves, and also your site accessibility. Updating is necessary to ensure proper performance and better security.
However, SEO for your URLs helps as they keyword in your URL are also an important factor while determining your ranking. Link building and improving user interaction is necessary, and using short yet informative URLs is very helpful
Magento 2 provides you with default product content, but it is necessary for it to be customised for SEO. You can go to Content —> Design —> Configuration and you cab choose what yo wish to edit. Your title, description, meta links, must be descriptive, short, and informative. They must be easily recognised by search engines. Eliminating certain words from your title also help. At NOIR & BLANCO we provide you with a holistic approach and take care of all these minor details.
Each of your product images can be the determining factor for clicks on your product or site and high and good quality images can increase the rate of buyers. All this in turn, improves your ranking. Product images create a lasting impression on the buyer and enhances their experience.
If your website loads faster, more users will be attracted towards it. A slow loading website is a put off for most users and creates a loss in traffic and revenue for your Magento site. There are several ways to increase your page speed, and NOIR & BLANCO helps you have access to them all.