DP Saini Florist is an online leading florist & Bakers in Faridabad. They deliver flowers and personalized gift including,  fresh flower basket arrangements and fresh flowers bouquets, along with gifts, chocolates, cakes, and much more online gifts.

Now, they are likely to move to a much more excellent and modern ordering experience where their customer can easily explore and order what they need.

The Challenge

The primary challenges involve lack of offline and online orders, and  brand visibility in search engines and online that even directly affected their business. Although being a popular destination with locals, they still struggled to get the reach of organic search traffic that they needed.

For bringing their core values and products in focus, they need to restructure their whole website from scratch with a  good 360-degree makeover.

The main problems:

  1. To display their core offerings along with their legacy.
  2. Deliver a good revamped platform that delivered good results for functionality and user experience.
  3. Integrating real-time tracking features along with seamless cake delivery functionalities
  4. Poor search engine visibility among key product classifications, that made click-happy consumers find your resellers and competitors.
  5. Lack of good digital marketing channels as brand engagements, brand Awareness, loyal consumers, and targeted Customers.

Our approach

NOIR &BLANCO worked to resolve the strategic and technical issues to help DP Saini Florist from being more visible to get the sales they need. To get that, the NOIR & BLANCO agency worked on major tactics.

Digital marketing experts at NOIR & Blanco conducted a throughout research about the DP Saini Florist online competitors to identify crucial online competitors from their offline, online, and local competitors. Then, we began with building a strong backlink profile by achieving many links to their website pages that enhanced domain authority and scored them higher in the search results. With a well-centered plan to improve the structure of their website, we ensure that the targeted entry point is optimized to attract more users.

By using strong keyword research we came up with high intent and relevant key phrases including meta titles and homepage content. To improve their SEO ranking potential, a potential  SEO audit is conducted. Redesign the homepage done easy, with compiled data and applied these insights to optimize and update their website. Not just significant keyword research and search intent, we further focused on online presence and looked at more opportunities with online registries to create a well-rounded digital presence.

The results

The good news is that, while we are in the process of developing the changes one by one, the florists started seeing good results. In the specified timeframe we implemented all the improvements to enhance the quantity and quality of the links. With the results of our work, their ranking positions and organic traffic improved for many keywords. The results have been still positive and significant. We predict even better performance for the Dp Saini Florist website.

Both NOIR & BLANCO and DP Saini Florist are looking to develop the success of the first project and are continuing to work with them about targeted campaigns,  Adwords marketing campaigns, and much more.

  1. The new online visibility allowed DP Saini Florist to reach new audiences of abc%.
  2. Traffic increased by abc%
  3. Organic traffic increased by abc% with monthly visits of abc%.
  4. Referral traffic increased by abc%.
  5. Social media traffic increased by abc%.

A word from DP Saini Florist:

“I engaged with NOIR & BLANCO to get help with a full branding and marketing effort for the DP Saini Florist, in many ways.  Rather than finding an order taker, we found an authentic marketing partner through NOIR & BLANC. I appreciate the quality of work. Now, our customers can easily find us online and explore our products through their desktop, tablet, and mobile devices with a personalized digital experience for both customers and the development team. NOIR & BLANCO truly helped us to bring our business to the next level of growth.”


With strong customer engagement and great online buzz, Dp Saini Florist is one of the leading cake and flower delivery services now.



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