AVI Living is an Eco home textile Brand loved by everyone and known for its sustainable, soft, and comfortable products. Their beautifully made essentials are manufactured with organically grown,   highest-quality, and ethically-produced cotton by following eco-friendly measures. It all began in ( year) when the founder  (name) turned her love of creating hypo-allergenic and eco textile brands that are good for the people and the planet.

With the sole belief of creating huge change with little steps. They offer textiles for every occasion, every person, every home with different needs. Their main goal is to create styles to make their consumers feel and look best. AVI Living is looking to connect with eco-conscious customers across the world, by leveraging the world of search.

The challenge

Being a passionate brand delivering high quality, affordable, and safe one they were a fast-growing brand across India. For Avi Living,  the most challenging of the growth included steering online traffic and also foot traffic. Anyway, we all know about the fierce competition in fashion. To that, their website started facing low traffic and low-rankings than big-name in their market.

That made them partner with NOIR & BLANCO for hyper-targeted digital marketing strategies,  integrated digital campaigns, enhancing social, PPC and SEO.  With the goals of driving growth and profits with meaningful visibility, we prepared with proven approaches and methods to win consumers for them.

Main problems:

  1. To enhance sales with an approach
  2. Intense competition in the market
  3. Competitors outranking on many profitable keywords lagging behind the competitors

Our approach

A multichannel and integrated search strategy is what helped AVI Living to deliver clicks, customers that improved revenue, growth, people, and more. We engineered a PPC and SEO  strategy uniquely developed to break their business goals.  Professionals at NOIR & BLANCO conducted an SEO audit to analyze their website keyword ranking, indexed pages, speed, and visibility in the search engines.

Then performed the competitor analysis to identify the most frequently used keywords by the audience. We have successfully understood their business and determined related keywords to seed on the AVI Living site with secured high-quality backlinks. Our well-crafted SEO strategy ensured each site was ranking well and converting new consumers.

Our team of experts consistently reviewed keyword optimization launched new campaigns and switched off low-performing advertisements that made us focus on best performers. Overall, we also offered comprehensive check-ins and reporting monthly with transparency.

What we did:

  1. Category and Content expansion added good content to every category page.
  2. Developed home page design to bolster credibility by adding relevant and high-converting keywords.
  3. Optimized Meta Tags with important search phrases
  4. Comprehensive consumer research to drive important keyword strategy
  5. Full technical SEO and consistent optimization of the digital strategy for extra growth opportunities
  6. Personalized PPC campaigns for appealing to new customers
  7. Strategic link building for improving search engine viability and website authority


The results:

For AviLiving, NOIR & BLANCO delivered an evidence-based digital marketing strategy with consistently offered explosive growth. With:

  1. Abc% more organic traffic
  2. Abc% more organic revenue
  3. Abc% ROI achieved to date.
  4. Abc% increase in the keywords ranking in top 5 positions

What do our clients say?

“NOIR & BLANCO knows marketing like no one else in the business. Their team did a great job in developing my brand and website with perfect marketing materials. They were amazing to work with who are fun, thoughtful, and professional. The work we received is on-point and beautiful that nailed our brand’s values and feelings. We are working with NOIR & BLANCO for more than a year now where we have seen both revenue and organically raised significantly.”

As NOIR & BLANCO and AVI Living partnership entered 1 years of partnership and counting, we predict enormous and bright growth opportunities. And our results speak for themselves!


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